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Got a GoPro or any other kind of ActionCam? Dying to get the most amazing footage of you and your PWC?... We'll tell you how...

It may come as no surprise that Selfie sticks have become a nuisance and are being banned in many public spaces across the country; but getting that rare and unique footage helps to make your videos that much more captivating when watching or sharing your adventures. Thankfully, selfie sticks can still be used on the water, but there's just a few problems using one. They are awkward, the footage will be very bouncy and technically it's easier to do a couple tricks with both hands steering.

Enter the world of Swivel Mounts! Put on a helmet, attach and point the camera towards you or away from you, (personally, I recommend towards you)… hit record... and away you go! These gadgets bring out the James Cameron in all of us.

Features of swivel mounts:

  • Hassle free 360 degree video

  • Spins automatically as you move

  • Easy to setup

There are several options on the market. Rhino Camera Gear makes an incredible product, the 360 Swivel Mount... Definitely a superior product because these guys get it! The only problem we see is that swivel mounts can be expensive. The standard bundle from Rhino is $150 or $185 if you go with the magnetic mount they recommend.

I came up with a very cool DIY solution for about $40-$50. Click here to see footage taken with my swivel mount - no judgement allowed of my riding…

Here’s a list of what you will need to make your own.

  • Bicycle Helmet

  • Waxman 4323299C 2-in Swivel Caster - Available at Lowe’s ($5.29) - remove the wheel but keep the pin, you are going to need it.

  • 10’ of 1/2” Electrical PVC Conduit - You will cut it to your desired length (mine is about 5’) - drill a pivot hole the diameter of the pin about 3/8’s of the length of the cut PVC. Attach the PVC to the Swivel Caster.

  • 1x Handlebar Mount for Action Cam ($11.37 on - Attach this to the long side of the PVC and mount your camera to it.

  • 1x Galvanized Hex bolt & 10-20 Heavy Washers - Screw the bolt directly into the shorter end of the PVC. Make sure the that you add enough washers to keep the PVC level. This forms a counter weight and will ensure a smooth swivel.

  • Now bolt the caster to the helmut - I put an additional plate inside the helmet for added support. USE FLAT HEAD bolts - don't want a nut going through your head. I also covered the plate with a piece of foam I had laying about… added comfort.

  • I spray painted the Helmet and PVC - High gloss Black… Little more visually appealing.

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