Upgrade your Grips - 2016 Model!

2016 seadoo grips (LEFT) vs 2013 seadoo grip. (RIGHT)

When the 2016 Models were released we were intrigued by the new innovation design on the handlebar grips. We ordered 6 pairs from our local dealer and within a few days they had arrived. Swapping the grips takes under 1 minute each side.

1x 10MM

1x Slotted Screw Driver.

Order them while they are in stock from your local BRP dealer.

Made in Canada.

Part numbers #277001946 #277001958 - Find your Local Dealer here!

Call your local dealer to order your grips today..provide the parts number above.

2016 Sea-Doo models will be equipped with new handlebar grips from the factory.

Fits ALL 2002-2015 Seadoo Models ( Spark included )

The new design prevents wrist over extension, improves overall grip & reduces fatigue. Flared surface acting as a palm rest for a better ergonomic fit for the hand added comfort during extended riding.

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