Toronto to Niagara River - Devils Whirlpool Rapids Part #1

Humber Bay Park Boat Launch

Arriving at the boat launch in Toronto with 2x Seadoo RXP-X 260s around 9am we began to suit up in wet suits & Gortex snow gear to shield us from the chilly 7C+ weather. The lake was still asleep making not even a ripple. 200KM round trip. Taking the 140kilometer(86 Mile) 'scenic route' we set off in the direction of Hamilton Harbour. Passing everything from the Lake view Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mississauga & the Suncor Energy Plant to Multi-million dollar estates along Oakville's Lakefront.

Stopping at our personal Favorite Gas Bar; Bronte Outer Harbor Marina in Oakville. Although the Gas Gauge had only gone down 4 bars, We topped up the Machines with 91 Octane Unleaded Fuel due to our heavy Throttle Fingers. These pesky fingers wont allow us to go under 70MPH if the conditions are flat. Top-up regularly to avoid using the dreaded *eco-mode*.

Bronte Marina

Entering the Hamilton Harbor allows PWC riders to experience the Burlington sky-way from a different perspective. It also has a variety of Cargo Ships & other over-sized vessels docked year round making it an awesome travel destination to explore on your watercraft.

Burlington Skyway

Snapping some photos by the cargo ships we received a call from a fellow riding member who wanted to join the excursion. There wasn't enough time left in the day for our 3rd member to catch up to us riding the shoreline. The only option was for him to cut directly across Lake Ontario(67 kilometers/41 miles). The Factory Seadoo GPS provided guidance for him to ensure he did not stray off in the wrong direction.

Hamilton Harbour

Continuing the journey to the Niagara River, we departed from Hamilton to travel 40.7KM to The Ramada Jordan/Beacon Harbourside Resort where you are able to get up-close a personal with one of the shipwrecks most people are only able to view while passing on the highway. The Jacques Cartier Ship located in Jordan Harbor, Lincoln, ON. This ship always makes for amazing photos and a great place to stop for lunch.

Jordan Harbour

The 140 foot ship was created as a replica of the largest of 3 ships French Explorer Jacques Cartier sailed up the St. Lawrence River. It was originally built in Quebec in 1914 and began its life as a ferry on the St. Lawrence and later became a cargo ship, a floating restaurant, and in 1991 converted to a replica ship. At one time the vessel was turned into a haunted pirate ship at Halloween to raise money for a hot lunch program for students. The derelict ship's final resting place is the Jordan Harbour just off the western shore of Lake Ontario, between the cities of Hamilton and St. Catharines. This abandoned shipwreck came to the Jordan Harbour in 1997, and was the victim of an arson fire in January of 2003, causing this piece of history to go up in smoke. What's left of the ship remains rusting, damaged and run down, but is still an interesting site to see.

Monkeying Around the Jacques Cartier

Climbing Aboard

View from the roof

Port Side

With only 17 kilometers remaining before we arrive at our destination we decided to stretch out legs and enjoy the view while our partner gained some mileage.

V.I.P Parking - Jacques Cartier

Fort Niagara - Mouth of the Niagara River.

The third member of our party arrived moments after we arrived at the mouth of the Niagara River.

To be continued...