Jetwash Cruise & BBQ May 17th

Toronto PWC Cruise and BBQ Scarborough Bluffers Park Scarborough, Ontario, Canada May 17th, 2015

During the past long weekend some went to the cottage, others went to the track, and most spent it watching the fireworks. However, a certain group of riders (members of Toronto PWC) met up in Mississauga and rode out on the lake up until the Scarborough Bluffs. My good friend Boris and I were lucky enough to be invited by Toronto PWC founders Tim and Richard to shoot the event.

Upon arriving we encountered quite the hike to get to on of our vantage points, we had climbed up to the top of a rock to catch all the action from an aerial view. What we saw was truly mind blowing, just a bunch of good people having a good time. It was incredible seeing everyone jump their sea-doos and do “doughnuts” in the water as the water had such a nice color to it, it reminded me of something you would see down south on vacation.

After shooting from the tip of the rock I came down to the beach to meet up with all the guys and start shooting down there. It was a ton of fun from talking to the new people I met and everyone was so kind and genuine. A group of guys even let Boris and I take their sea-doos out for a rip, believe me that was quite the rush. I also saw a bunch of people that were just walking on the beach come to some members and ask what was going on and there was just this welcoming vibe that everyone felt throughout the event.

Once everyone was settled in the environment it was time for lunch. Lunch consisted of some fresh burgers and hotdogs cooked on the BBQ seeing everyone chat over food really made it feel like a family gathering. Events like these are epitome for a good time, everyone’s laughing and enjoying themselves and although I’m used to shooting and conversing about cars this felt just the same!

Once everyone was full and rested a figure 8 course was set up in the water for attendees to rip around and “show off” their skills and I must say it was really cool seeing some people jump their jet skis and other turn really fast and as cool as it looks there is nothing that beats the feeling of going 50 miles an hour on a jet ski it was one of the best shooting experiences I have had the opportunity to receive and I would do this over a million times no questions asked!

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