Beach BBQ at Bluffer’s Park

We at TorontoPWC are still ecstatic over the success and size of our second official Beach BBQ at Bluffer’s Park. The amount of support, involvement and interest sent our way truly supercharged our desire to keep building the personal watercraft community in the city we call home. Drone pics aside – how epic was this turnout? Keep reading to find out!

Days before “go time,” the weather report promised rain showers and thunderstorms – every photographer, retailer, promo team and rider was already booked and confirmed eagerly wishing the storm would change direction. All though we would ride rain or shine – soggy burger buns and hail in the face from the west to east isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. Nonetheless, we took our chances.

By 8am at Lakefront Promenade marina – the skies were clear and our riders turned up smiling from ear to ear ready to roll with the punches of unpredictable weather. The water was choppy yet the journey was flawless every wave was torn up by a fleet of machines with no one left behind. Safety is key at Toronto PWC – we may lead the pack but constantly look back to ensure riders are sticking together in close proximity in case anyone needs assistance or experiences mechanical failure.

One of our goals is to make new riders feel comfortable and confident joining our community no matter if it’s their first time or hundredth hour. Leaving newbies in our wake as they juggle the rules of open water while struggling to keep up with the boys isn’t what we’re about. Luckily, the trek from our west end meeting point to the scenic Scarborough Bluffs shoreline was as gorgeous as ever – free of storm clouds and rain! Weather worries vanished and views of the Toronto skyline emerged under the haze of the morning sun as we arrived at Bluffer’s Park.

The turnout was triple that of our first event and with the involvement of Jetovator Ontario, Snow City Cycle Powersports, Revs Full Throttle Powersports, JET-X Powersports, Toronto SkyCam and others we definitely grabbed the city’s attention. Over one hundred jet skis graced the sands, each was carefully beached and proudly displayed by its owner turning Bluffer’s Park into an outdoor showroom and enthusiast’s dream come true! Naturally park passersby were intrigued by the gorgeous machines, smell of burgers and sound of engines revving all day and we were super excited to answer their questions and suggest they purchase a PWC of their own.

Dozens of new friends, clients and future Toronto PWC members joined in on the fun. As the day went on we raffled off merchandise, sold our new logo-bearing T-shirts, took group photos and listened to the sounds of summer with our booming watersport-loving community. We welcomed machines of all makes and models to join the fun. TorontoPWC plans on hosting these events annually. For those who are interested in participating you can email

Everything was running seamlessly until suddenly the weather gods ran out of patience and dumped a flash flood hail storm on our heads. Luckily, our event tent served as shelter and were about to close up shop anyways but the last thing we expected was to end up saving lives!

As we were cleaning up the beach and doing perimeter checks of the grounds we noticed two hikers who climbed up the side of the Bluffs almost reaching the top and were now trapped as their path up and down the cliff became a treacherous mudslide! They waved at us for help and after a few hand signals/yells back and forth, we quickly understood that they weren’t enjoying the view – they needed to be rescued. We called 911 and guided the police to the scene were the frightened duo was successfully brought down to safety.

The hailstorm ended quickly and the evening sun peered out behind the passing clouds to illuminate our ride home. What a way to end the day, eh?

Our next event is May 22nd 2016.

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Article written by Helen Shumilin

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